Celebration Day Post Lock down 
While we are in lock down why don’t we work on some home projects that we could share when all this is over?
Some of our number paint, others write poems, stories or songs. Others like to grow plants, so perhaps seeds planted in pots will be flowering when we have our celebration day later in the year?

What about veggies? Maybe preserves or jams, or tomato chutney?

Maybe someone would like to create a SSR lock down recipe book?

They could be our favorites with a note with each dish from each person, or something created, something delicious and entirely new! Sewing perhaps, even something to sell, needle-work or wood-work, carving or pottery?

Perhaps a poster made from SOAP or an illustrated prayer or Bible reading, or celebratory cards?

Hey, what about learning a musical instrument via YouTube?

Just get to work on something and when this time draws to a close we will call the date and have a barbecue and celebrate the Goodness of God.

An idea from Jane Mitchell and Raylene Pearce


Local Outreach

21 Day Doing Life Together Hope Pack
These packs offer daily encouragement, treats, small tasks, biblical verses of affirmation, booklets on hope and faith, vitamins and ‘love letters’ packaged in yellow ribbon to help sufferers of depression improve mood and health.
The whole pack is packaged in a rainbow pack demonstrating God’s promise of abundant life. The Hope Pack is available on CD with files in pdf format for $25 and resources (rainbow bag, treats, booklets etc) additional depending on the amount of packs needed. Postage is approximately $10.

To order a Hope Pack email Lindy Gower.

International Outreach

Sunset Rock Community is supporting the following:

Yayasan – Hohidiai

Located in Halmahera, Indonesia Yayasan – Hohidiai provides:
Medical, dental and eye care
Outpatient and mobile clinics
Hospital care
Burns, T.B. and Leprosy treatment
AIDS prevention education
Refuge for neglected, abused and marginalised children
Training and discipleship
Child sponsorship

For more information about Yayasan – Hohidiai visit the website www.hohidiai.org

Mission Uplift

Mission Uplift was established by Mavis Pardede, a committed Christian who has lived in Indonesia for over thirty years. During that time she has devoted her life to helping people who have been abused or orphaned.

Mission Uplift operates in two locations. A facility was originally set up in Solo in Central Java to take victims from the jihad in Ambon. Children orphaned by the tsunami in Aceh are also accommodated there. The second facility is at Bogor near Jakarta where unmarried mothers take refuge. This facility also takes orphaned babies.

The charter of the Mission is to uplift young people by providing them with a loving and caring Christian environment and a good education so that they can contribute to rebuilding their local communities.

If you are interested in assisting Mavis with her work there are several ways in which you can do this:

Sponsoring a child
Make a one off donation
Visit Indonesia to do some voluntary work with Mavis at the orphanage at Bogor.

Sponsorship is tax deductible.
Our congregation is committed to assisting with the work of this very worthwhile project.
If you would like more information, visit the website www.helpbuildhope.com.au or contact Malcolm Hillam on (08) 8339 4302 or email hillbo@bigpond.com