Christians over the centuries have developed a great tradition of relating to God personally in retreat. In private devotion. In social isolation, like now!

If you have not developed a personal daily devotion, here is a wonderful opportunity.

The approach we give you does not depend on someone else’s insights. It is based on God speaking to you personally as you engage with his word.

(In the weekly bulletin we can also give links to a couple of daily devotional resources, but our own emphasis will be to see them as secondary to our own engagement with God’s word.)

Weekly readings: Psalm 25 or Psalm 23

One great way to tune into God through his word is the SOAP method, used with a notebook.

S = Scripture. Write the verse from the reading that particularly speaks to you.

O = Observation. Write what you observe the writer meant when writing to the original readers.

A = Application. Write how this applies to your life today

P = Prayer. Write a brief prayer and stay in prayer as long as you desire.

This weeks readings & prayers

Monday  Proverbs 8:1,11-21
Prayer – You were washed 

Tuesday  Genesis 41:1-43
Prayer –  The commission to witness 

Wednesday  1 Peter 3:1-6
Prayer – In Christ alone

Thursday  1 Kings 3:16-28
Prayer – Wake up!

Friday  Matthew 13:44-46
Prayer – Bread

Saturday  Luke 12:42-48
Prayer –  Family family


Check these books by our minister and his wife. Contact Greg on pearces@adam.com.au

Gregory Pearce, Almost Schmidty. A novel, Ark House Press, 271 pages. “This sly story moves me at many levels,” Ann Bartlett, author, Knitting, Penguin Books.

Gregory Pearce, Saying Grace. Mealtime Prayers. Pray as often as you eat, Morning Star Publishing, 96 pages. “So much more than a book of prayers, it presents a snapshot of the Gospel on every page. Thoughtful and clear, and yet short enough to be used every meal…”  Rev Dr Tim Hein.

Gregory Pearce, Five Good Reasons to Live, Ark House Press, 52 pages.  I thought my life meant nothing at all… All this energy we have been given: what is it for? Five people tell five stories of five good reasons to live.

Raylene Pearce, Night Journeys, Ark House Press, 292 pages. “An exhilarating and dangerous ride taken by a single woman… beautifully written with humour, empathy and passion. Prepare to be informed, entertained and amazed,” Dr Rosanne Hawke, author, The Truth about Peacock Blue and many other titles.