There were some wonderful experiences for the Stirling Healing Rooms team since the ministry began in 2008. We have witnessed the love of Jesus bring complete healing for some, for many the beginning of a gradual healing but for all an awakening of the blessing that comes from the love
of God in their lives.

Unfortunately the Stirling Healing Rooms is no longer functioning.

The following excerpts are from written testimonies provided to us. It is exciting as we witnessed the healing work of God in the lives of others.

The healings included release from:

Persistent hay fever “I love Spring but for the last 8 years or so it has caused me to scratch and rub my eyes until it felt as though my eyeballs would be pushed through the sockets…. A team prayed for me at the Stirling Healing Rooms…. Since that day I have not suffered with itchy eyes. Praise the name of Jesus” PI

Hypoglycaemia Â “I have suffered from Hypoglycaemia (an intolerance to sugar highly refined foods that creates sick feelings, shakiness, raised heartbeat then lethargy)…. I felt that I was healed and was asked to test it so I had a crown mint and waited……………no reaction at all. Next day I ate a very sweet caramel chocolate………….nothing. That night I had a lolly snake – again………..no physical response. It is a miracle – Jesus healed me completely” KW

The nervous and very painful habit of chewing fingernails I have been biting my nails ever since I was very small…. My parents tried all sorts of things when I was young…. I got so bad that I literally bit them down to the quick. They used to bleed…. I asked for prayer in May 2008 and I haven’t had the urge to bite my nails since. My nails are long, strong and beautiful…. Praise be to God and to him be the glory” MH

Pain from old injuries enabling an improved range of physical movement  “In May 2000 I broke my leg in an industrial accident…. Since then I have not been able to get up to more than a slow trot. My scar has been sensitive ever since…. About 5 weeks ago I went to the Stirling Healing Rooms where I had my leg prayed for and after my session the sensitivity of my scar has vanished and not returned….After my second session I was running, almost striding up and down stairs…. I also have more bend in my leg…. My leg is not 100% healed but much better. I thank God daily for this healing” BD

There are other experiences not formally recorded at this time demonstrating the touch of our Heavenly Father in the lives of people who have come into the Stirling Healing Rooms. It is a great joy to be with people and pray for the work of the Holy Spirit, as did the disciples in times past, and observe the changes in people’s lives today.

We have a number people of faith from different Hills Christian Churches who meet weekly to pray in teams of three for people who attend the healing rooms. Our teams regularly receive blessings of his love in a number of ways during our worship and “seeking God” preparation times each week.

John & Jill Riggs