First time believers

The vilest offender who truly believes

That moment from Jesus a pardon receives. Frances Jane van Alstyne

Read Mark 9:38—41
I think I know how John felt that day. I know that feeling! John’s miffed. He’s miffed because someone less mature than he, who hasn’t put in the weeks and months and years learning from Jesus suddenly ups and ministers with some power and effect in Jesus’ name, and people are really impressed. Probably in ways that John himself secretly envies. With little theology and less liturgics but a thunderous belief in Jesus. Jesus is that near to everyone. The first-time follower can be boldly true to Jesus, and I need to learn that and I need to be encouraged by that, and I need to be pleased by that, and I need to be ready to see Jesus at work through anyone. Jesus never tired of saying the first would be last and the last first.

Dear Lord, open my eyes to what you are doing. New young Christians do what I wish I’d always had the courage and faith to do. Now young churches reach people our church may never have reached. Open my eyes to see you in this. Open my heart to join what you are doing. Open my church’s heart to be where you want us to be. Encourage us to move when the Spirit moves.