My fruitfulness within God’s fruitfulness

You will eat the fruit of the labour of your hands;

You shall be happy, and it shall go well with you. Psalm 128:2


Read Luke 5:4—11
So the fishers will now fish for people. The occupations of Peter and his companions become a kind of parable. Perhaps my normal occupation can become that too. If I came to think about it by the same route as Peter and the others, then I would first need Jesus’ help to do what I do normally. (They did.) Next, I would be afraid of him by the very fact that he can and he does help, that he actively lives in present time, in power and authority. I would find myself acknowledging a certain fear of this man. Only when I knew that Christ has the power to take over my fruitless life would I have been really prepared for what following him could entail.

Lord, I, too, have known fruitlessness in my life. I have known what it is to work steadily at what yields no results. Tonight I have read of Peter and of his companions. Without you they caught nothing. I have felt that I am one with them in that. You overwhelmed them with your power and authority. You made them fruitful. They feared to be in the presence of the Lord of heaven and earth. I know this dread, I think. Perhaps I need to. And now I know that you are making me ready for a life of great fruitfulness. I think of the occupation of my life. May my occupation lead me to reach and to touch people in your name. Even as a patient fisher ready for the catch.