Come to the light

But those who do what is true

Come to the light. John 3:21


Read John 3:16—21
Why should I ever want to hide from God? Why hide from Jesus? From the searching gaze of the Spirit? Why, when I read of the clear and outright boldness of God, committing himself from all eternity to love me, to give himself for me in the giving of the Son? Giving himself at great cost for this poor sinner? Giving himself to perish so that I would not, so that I would have life? So why hide from such a love? It would be a childish thing, at best, to retreat into the dark. And futile, to think I actually could succeed, that I could truly hide. It would be, in the fullest, darkest sense, self-defeating. Yes, futile, quite futile. The great liberation is to come to the light, to let my deeds be exposed to the only one who can cover them, to believe that, and to believe him.

God my heavenly Father, my eternal lover, I thank you that you gave your only Son that I may believe in him. In him is life, and that life is my one true light. I thank you for the taste of life I have this night as I declare these things, and that this life is eternal. It will not spoil or wither. It will not be hidden away from me, but will grow. It will flourish. And so will I.