The rebel race

A generation whose heart was not steadfast,

Whose spirit was not faithful to God. Psalm 78:8


Read Genesis 11:1-9
Here tonight I read of my place in a race that wants to be great against God, that will use its technology and its politics to write our personal defiance large, that will globalise Adam and Eve. God’s judgement on this rebellion is actually a blessing. It limits that damage. We humans are confused and we do not understand each other. I turn ahead one chapter in my Bible, and out of these confused nations God chooses Abraham, father of a people chosen to bless and reclaim the nations. Next I jump ahead to the other end of my Bible, to the coming of the Spirit. The confusion is overcome. Everyone can hear in their own tongue.[1] So my Bible is opened up to me. Until Babel: God’s dealings with all peoples in all places. Abraham to Christ: God’s dealings with a special people in a special place, to bless all peoples. After Pentecost: God’s dealings with a special people in all places. And I belong to that chapter!

God of all creation, time and history, who has spoken to me in Christ and who addresses me in the scripture, thank you that you have put a limit to the damage we humans inflict upon each other, that you are judge as Saviour and Saviour as you judge. This is a great blessing. Thank you that you have overcome human division and pride in the humility of Christ. Thank you for the unity he has won for us and that I can live in. It is here for us to pick up almost like manna in the wilderness, as freely given as that. The taste of it is good, better than the reports of the manna! Thank you that you have placed me in that choice position of being among your special people in all places. They are lovely. Your people, when we really meet, are so lovely.

[1] Acts 2:8