The outpoured Spirit

Then afterward

I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Joel 2:28


Read Acts 2:1-12
This Pentecost night I am drawn to re-live the story. I am in a room. Waiting. Jesus has promised power from on high. I will then be a witness to him. So I wait for him to fulfil his promise. I do not know the languages of the world. Nor the cultures. I barely understand my own people. They seem so distant from me, even those closest to me. I am helpless to make another person believe. So I admit my powerlessness in what really matters most to me. I wait upon God. Then, sovereignly, in his own timing, the Spirit of God imparts himself. Beyond the wind and beyond the fire. Jesus was explained that day, and people understood.

It sounds such a simple thing I would like to do, to be able to tell my friends about Jesus so that they can believe. So simple. But quite beyond me. It needs a  real work of God. Father, I bring before you the promise of Jesus, that he would ask the Father, and you would send the Spirit, and the Spirit would reveal Jesus to the church and would teach us everything of him.[1] I thank you that you have fulfilled your own word. I thank you that you will fulfil it afresh in me. I pray that I may be available to all that you would do in this movement and action and filling of me with your Spirit. May my life and my conversation be a living witness to Jesus.





[1] John 14:26